Garda Alexander
Since my childhood, I have been inspired by nature and people – as far back as I can remember, I was already drawing as a toddler: I loved to sketch faces and people and especially capture their changes. My drawing teachers encouraged me and challenged me during my school years at the Gymnasium. They opened the door for me to the world of art. Without their support, I would not have been aware of my talent, and without their guidance, I probably would not have studied art. My father passed away when I was 21 years old, and this drastic event moved me to take a detour and study medicine. I wanted to understand how human beings function, how diseases develop, and above all, I was curious to look INSIDE: I was fascinated by the inner human life. Later anatomical drawings document this exploration, as do sculptural works. The originality and the transience of being are a theme that has occupied me as an artist ever since. About abstraction processes of anatomical studies, symbols and geometric shapes emerge, which I implemented, for example, in the group of works “Substance” in painting. Another theme is the LIGHT COLOR FORM, which I have occupied for over 20 years. Light objects, such as the group energy fields, present this artistic examination. Another field in which I move is the space: I create color concepts mainly for interiors in the business and private sector. In addition, I provide my knowledge to design the living area of my fellow human beings so that people and animals feel comfortable and their potential unfolds. Painting, sculpture, drawing, as well as conceptual works, characterize my work; the three published monographs “LIGHT OBJECTS”, “LIGHT COLOR FORM”, and “COLOR FORM SPACE” document focal points of my work spectrum, as does the publication “SEEDS & BONES”.
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