Montse Oliver
Feel good art made with love With my work, I aim to portray a feeling, a memory that sparks an emotion when it is contemplated. By using colors, elements, shapes, media, or texture I want to create paintings that trigger positive feelings and emotions and celebrate love and life. When I started my art training, a heart, as simple as it may sound, was the first painting I felt proud of. It’s a powerful shape that can hold many meanings and, as such, it is a subject that stays present in my portfolio. Other subjects I see myself interested in portraying in my works are related to this sort of nomad life of mine. I usually play with airport codes, coordinates, locations, or iconic places representing a world of endless connections, memories, and experiences acquired traveling or living abroad. Currently based in Geneva, I am originally from Barcelona. I have also called home Atlanta, Zürich, Winchester (UK), Singapore, and Tokyo. If you want to know more about me, go ahead and visit my website .
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