Antonie Josefa Latscha
I was born and raised in the Czech Republic. Since childhood, art and painting have played a vital role in my life. Communism, unfortunately, destroyed my dream of studying art but not my lifelong desire to paint. In 1980 I fled to Switzerland. Painting gives me the necessary energy to live. It gives me strength and joy and fills me with happiness – endless and purposeless enjoyment! Nature is my most significant source of inspiration. I observe it and memorize the impressions. Then I let my hands bring the memories and feelings on the canvas. The colors are in the foreground for me. I prefer to use pigments, charcoal, pastels, and ink when painting. I like to work with saturated colors (glazes), which I layer like transparent fabrics. My works have no titles. This gives the viewer the necessary room for interpretation. Many of my paintings can be hung in different directions. Thus, one always discovers something new. It is more than necessary that my works touch and delight the viewer – after all, each picture is a small part of me that I share with the outside world. My pictures are like life – full of encounters – dynamic movements..
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