Erika Müller
Education Schools and professional training in Bern. Training in self-study and painting courses with various artists. Inspiration outdoors – intuition in the studio “I have painted since 2007 with acrylic and oil paints and pigments and bring impressions from nature and the urban environment on canvas and wood. Old walls, landscapes, stones, water, or weather phenomena inspire me to creative excursions into painting. I find the ideas for my paintings outside; the creative implementation is usually intuitive in the studio. In addition to the colors, I use various materials such as sands, stones, ashes, textiles, paper, and cardboard. With the layering and overlapping, as well as removal of color and material, I create pictorial depth and dimensionality. In the process, I create abstract or (more rarely) impressionistic paintings in which visual experiences – feelings, perceptions, moods – serve as the starting point for painting experiments. I leave it to the viewer to engage with the image in each case and find his interpretation.” In addition to the canvas as the main painting ground, I also use alternative painting bodies such as wooden boxes, tablets, and painting plates, which I like to arrange into installations.
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