Katharina Moser
I live in Wettswil, in the canton of Zurich, Switzerland. My art is highly versatile, as I enjoy experimenting with various materials. I utilize mixed media for my natural works, including pigments, marble powder, swamp lime, earth, and ash. The application and removal of these materials result in a natural and lively appearance as the different materials transform and spontaneous structures and shapes emerge. While working, I fully engage with the image, seeing what it has given me. The acrylic painting draws me in with its intense colors, tempting me to create colorful abstract and representational pieces on canvas. I create abstract flower fields and faces and sometimes even tell stories. In digital art, I experiment with mixed media, photo painting, and mathematical art – the opposite of free art? Drawing and designing serve as preliminary drawings for other types of art. This tool fascinates me because I can incorporate my photographs into it.
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