Katja Gramann
Katja Gramann is a freelance artist in Gräfelfing near Munich, Germany. Her painting is consistently non-objective, with three different focuses. Acrylic painting: On the one hand, she creates large-format abstract paintings, which are lustful and expressive with highly pigmented acrylic paint on canvas. Collages: Gramann is fascinated by the depths that can be created with fine China paper. She colors the paper in large areas, then tears them and rearranges the papers into a multi-layered collage. She paints in mixed technique (mixed media) with ash, pigments, and other structure-giving materials. It is essential to the artist that the created works appear matte and open-pored as if the material used only sits loosely on the image carrier and could fall off immediately. She prefers to work on wood because it is best performed with scribing needles to expose the underlying layers of pigment.
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