Miriam Vogt
Artist Statement Like so many others, I started into a life full of assignments and superimpositions: who one would be like and who one should better not become like, jammed in contradictory messages, various demands, and with relatively little appreciation. Painting/art was the way into the open! I was young, but it was clear that this was the perspective I would pursue in life. Today I would say that I can no longer imagine myself without art. I have realized over time that I am very impressionable. In the meantime, I also say sensitive. My works live from the energy of the impressions my days offer: a mountain of apple peels and children’s play leaves just as many impressions as a good conversation, a new thought, or a garish blue plastic chair in the middle of the desert. The impressions should be fresh and awake when I implement them, and I should be fresh and awake too! I work very presently! My works live on the energy of the moment – and if the energy of the impression decreases or is superimposed, the image changes or I can not pursue the original impulse. I work abstractly, but always the energy of a situation, an impression is directional. My paintings show the process, taking the viewer into the possible image paths and the painterly decisions. In my paintings a somewhat contrasting field of tension is shown in a differentiated language. Picture statements peel out only slowly and are rather sketchy. People who enjoy differentiated language, play, and the unexpected can be found in my paintings. I have won through my art the possibility of all the ideas of how one should be, to throw an image of their own against. Sometimes I surprise myself in the process.
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