Renate Rüter-Nork
Renate Rüter-Nork found in 1998 to the art and represents after initially realistic painting now a skillful, abstract-expressive painting art, which let us open all her diverse artistic forms of expression. She gained access to art through her studies at the PH Cologne, among others, with the subject “art” and developed her current working techniques over time. She paints on canvas and uses acrylic paints, sands, ashes, flours, chalks, charcoal, and oil pastels as materials. With this diverse background, she succeeds in many expressive and experimental works, in which she likes to leave some things to chance but still keeps the artistic overview. She adheres to a resourceful statement by Walter Gropius: “Colorful is my favorite color!” Her artistic intention in the construction of her works is surprisingly aimed at future viewers because she tries to transfer her joy of painting, already at this time to them. She takes her inspiration sporadically from nature, but mostly it is solely her “desire for color” and for the painting process that drives her. Both together and her mood lets her bring her multi-layered structures and skillful color games to the canvas.
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